Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Saturday so it must be time for a garage sale

Somebody on our street loves to have garage sales. They have organized "block sales" several times in the last year. Of course this is music to Mrs Notthat's ears. She loves this sort of thing, and is really good at it.

I, on the other hand, do not enjoy hosting garage sales. (I don't mind being a customer at garage sales, however.) They are a LOT of work and consume a LOT of time for little monetary gain. But Mrs enjoys the social aspects as much as anything else, and she does get to meet and interact with the neighbors. Even Idiot Dog Teddy got to meet a neighbor dog.

IDT has even worse social skills than I do when it comes to other dogs, so it was amazing to see him be so calm around this little ball of fluff.

The two neighbor kids love to play with IDT, but IDT had some stiff competition today - an old electric typewriter. I suspect this is the first time either of them have seen one, and they were fascinated with it. There is something about the physicalness of it; the noise, the metal keys pounding the paper, the metal keys all jamming together - who needs video games?

The most amazing thing was that Mrs Notthat almost sold the thing. The wise potential buyer asked to see it work. For a line or two, it did. And then it failed. I think she got it working later, long after the potential buyer had left, so it is going to end up being donated to a local charity, along with most of the other stuff that didn't sell (which is most of the other stuff she started with).

I had minimal involvement in today's garage sale - I hauled tables back and forth and securely mounted the clothes racks to the fence and that's about it. I had my long walk this morning (ten miles!) and got to watch a bit of the US Open before the rain started up again.

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

Two sweet dogs! Is that a muzzle on the one with the high IQ?

DAK said...

Like MA, I noticed IDT wearing that gas mask. Did you say 10 miles? On your bad knee?

notthatlucas said...

Yes, IDT has a muzzle he wears when he is being introduced to other dogs. He really cannot be trusted in those situations, which leads to fewer of those situations, which leads to him being less trustworthy, etc.

DAK - ice is a wonderful thing for sore body parts. Even with that though, it was a little uncomfortable last night.