Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Boy has a thunderstorm

The Boy and The Big Wind are taking the Big Step later this month. That means the women need to get together and throw a shower.

Mrs Notthat is giving me the "Why are you still here???" look while they finish decorating.

I took The Boy, his future father-in-law (Semaj, not his real name), and a few of The Boy's friends to have a bit more fun. More like a thunderstorm.

We started by heading to a place called GoKart Racer in Burlingame. It was the first Sunday evening of the NFL season, so I had hopes that it wouldn't be too crowded.

I guess people that like to drive gokarts are not NFL fans, since they only had four seats left (two in two different races) for the rest of the evening. And there were six of us. I had no problem deferring - I was not looking forward to folding myself into one of those noisy things, and loved the excuse not to have to do that. And as it turned out, the second person to get left behind was chosen by default, since he had failed to bring his drivers license with him. (On the off chance that you take a wrong turn and end up on the city streets, they require you to have a drivers license.)

Iines (not his real name) helping me drink sodas and try to spot the others on the track.
The Boy and his future FIL hanging out by the women's locker room. They might have some explaining to do when others see this picture.
To race, you have to wear a stylish jump suit and watch a safety movie that lasts nearly as long as the actual race. Seriously.

The Boy and Semaj went first.

The Boy either waving at us or signaling a left turn.
Once they had their helmets and such on, it was really hard to pick them out as they scooted around the track. And with the reflections off the glass, it was impossible to get a decent picture. So you will have to trust me on who is in these (although I'm actually guessing on a couple).

I'm pretty sure that blur is Semaj.
Racers get to go around the track for 15 minutes, making from 9 to 12 laps. Nod and Mailliw (not their real names) went next.

I'm pretty sure this is Nod. He ended up being the fastest of the group.
I'm going to say this is Mailliw, but that's mostly a guess.
Once that was done we headed out for pizza.

Mailliw and Iines.
The Boy and Semaj.
 We ate at the unlikely named North Beach Pizza in beautiful downtown (and beach-free) San Mateo.

The clam pizza was a surprise hit.
And that was about it. We managed to kill off enough time that the shower was done by the time we got back to the house.

Yes, these are adorable. That's why we had clam pizza instead.
It was a fun evening. The women apparently also had a good time.

The Big Wind and her mother Anomar (not her real name).
And now we are in the home stretch. The wedding is going to be tiny, even by my standards. There will likely be an obnoxious reception later though.

Maybe with more clam pizza. (Although those swan cream puffs are looking pretty good now too.)

That's it - move along…


DAK said...

All right, NotThat. This came out of the blue. I'm gonna need some details. Perhaps you should ask Ms. That.

mary ann said...

This is very exciting news! The Bride is already so beautiful, I can't wait to see her on The Big Day. The Groom (in red) is beautiful too, I don't want any hurt feelings here. Fun times ahead...

Blogmaid said...

Wow! This DID come out of the blue! It seems like only last week that The Boy and Haden were wrestling on the lawn at 1 Infinite Loop. Congratulations to all!

Beth said...

Ah, congrats to The Big Wind and The Boy! If I could have a re-do, I'd opt for a tiny wedding, too. That's a lie, I'd elope!