Friday, February 24, 2012

Pansy Day 2012

Note: For those of you new to the Pansy Day concept, it occurs once a year on our wedding anniversary. A coworker of mine (Hi Blogmaid!) started calling our anniversary "Pansy Day" because, for the two weeks or so leading up to it, I was desperate to find anything that had a pansy on it, since that is Mrs Notthat's favorite flower. I bought a LOT of weird things (and a few nice ones) with pansies on them. Pansy Day has since grown into an event involving the whole family, and not nearly so many pansies. 

We had a bit of a full house. The Big Wind (The Boy's sweetie) drove down, along with her dog Sophia. Of course the grandkids and their parents were here.

Kaya enjoyed a bit of attention before the festivities got started.

The Boy has never outgrown his "play with the package the gift came in" phase. The Big Wind is thinking "I can fix that. I hope."

The dogs came out of this with a LOT of new chew toys. I got a lot of new books to read. Mrs Notthat got tickets to some 40's musical or other. But the coolest thing to me were these custom gaiters that Weird Haired Mom and the grandkids made for us.

Note the "Ø Whining" thing from my days at San Jose Fit and "Not that Lucas" on this side.

And the DSE theme "Start slowly & taper off!" and my Marathon Maniac number on the other side. So cool!

This is a second pair I got: the left was done by Grandkid First Born and the right by Grandkid Second Born. First Born drew a complicated story involving a farmer that was upset because lightening ruined his watermelons (next picture) and all he has left are grapes.

These are the other side, and you can see the lightening bolts striking the watermelons on the right.

These were made for Mrs Notthat. I don't remember the story surrounding them. It's likely gruesome though. You'll have to guess which side was done by which grandkid.

The obvious concern is what will happen if we actually wear these. I'm going to try out my flame ones in a 30K tomorrow, so we'll see. These are too cool to just leave on the shelf.

And Mrs Notthat got me this huge 26.2 oval. I'm planning to have a lot of fun with it (it has that kind of adhesive like a sticky note, that can be lifted off and used again and again).

And that's about it. Well, except for a picture of the two people that made Pansy Day an official day.

Twenty nine years of pure wedded bliss.


That's it - move along...

PS: Yes, next year will be a problem. Anniversaries that end in "0" or "5" are big deals. I failed to come through on number 25, and I cannot fail for 30. Oh dear....


Brazen Rabbit said...

Awww love Pansy Day! What a great whole family event that's turned into. And can't wait to see those gaters in person.

mary ann said...

I love Pansy Day too and happy 29th anniversary to you both! Can't wait to see you in your new running gifts.

DAK said...

I never knew exactly what Pansy Day was until today. Congratulations to you both. The thing I don't get is that seeing you sitting in your recliners you look like grandparents. Then on weekends you turn into Hans and Franz(ine). How do you do it? Congratulations on all 29 and best wishes for the next 29.

Beth said...

Congrats you two!!
Next year for 30 is a huge deal....maybe a joint ultra in pansy print shirts?? Maybe not...

Where did The Boys hair go?? Maybe just the picture, but looks like it's all gone.
Have a great 30k tomorrow!

notthatlucas said...

Thanks everyone! DAK - I can only speak for myself, but the Hans bit is because I go slow. Very slow.

Beth - The Boy hates helmet hair. So he keeps it really short. This last time though was a bit shorter than intended. I like the pansy shirt idea, but it won't be an ultra and it will have to be someplace like Hawaii.

Beth said...

Nice job on the 30k! We had a friend running the 50k, said it was a great event. 4:52 is a solid time, Inside Trails attract a fast crowd from what I hear, so that kinda makes results look a bit wonky. He finished his 50k in 6:12 and was at the bottom of the pack....I'd love anything starting w/a 6!!