Saturday, October 15, 2011

I've got some catching up to do...

I've got lots of fun stuff that needs to be covered, so let's get on with it.

The Boy has a new toy. He saved his pennies, he took a motorcycle safety course, he bought all the right  clothing (that jacket has all sorts of protective bits on all sorts of places that need protecting), and then, finally, he bought a bike. I know nothing about it other than it's a 600 and has two wheels.

Riley of course loves it, and can't wait until he's big enough to get a ride on it.

A couple of weeks ago Riley had another of his breathing issues and ended up spending a night in the hospital. Darci hung out with Mrs Notthat and made this message. (I have NO idea what that thing is on the right.)

Darci knows but isn't telling.

A friend headed to Japan for a couple of weeks, and Mrs Notthat bravely volunteered to watch their, ummmm, dog. It was one of the most bizarre dogs I've ever seen - tiny, with a haircut that looks like a cartoon animal, and more quirks than a high school theatrical group on Red Bull.

Of course, Darci loved her. Although I think even she had her limits.

Speaking of Darci, she has lost another tooth. I came home from work to her being extremely excited about this - so excited she couldn't wait to show me the kleenex that had all the blood she lost during the process. Mrs Notthat was the one that pulled it - judging by all the lost body fluids, it might have been a bit early, but Darci was certainly ready.

This is the note that Darci wrote. I think the idea is that she wants the money, but she also wants to keep the tooth. I've got no idea how all this turned out, but it's just like Darci to put in so much effort to negotiate with a fictional person (Darci has admitted that she knows there is no such thing as a tooth fairy).

Weird Haired Mom and the grandkids went to a charity dog walk sort of thing (NOT a race). That is their lovely dog Dove (after two weeks with that other kind of a dog thing, I now realize that Dove is a very noble pooch). Riley wanted to wear his dog costume, and Darci volunteered to walk him (all dogs had to be on a leash). This is an adorable picture.

And that's about it. There are other things that have happened (a race or six, a bathroom being born in our bedroom, and a LOT of tomatoes coming from our garden) but they either didn't make the cut or will be handled later.

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

Dogs, kids and motorcycles ~ where's the running news? So glad Mrs. Notthat is doing the Nike today and even happier that I'm off and don't have to negotiate around the traffic and parking issue. Should be perfect weather for her!

DAK said...

I love that tooth letter, and the photo with all the blood. I think Ms. That just said Enough! and brought out the ball peen hammer. So what does Darci want to do with her old tooth? E-Bay maybe?