Thursday, September 1, 2011

All about the grandkids

This is my first "R" word free post in a while, and it's been totally overrun with the grandkids.

Guess who's a second grader this year? That doesn't seem possible.

And guess who's a kindergartner this year? (And guess which school had an involuntary shudder when they found out?)

Here's a cool thing - they are both going to the same school that their mother, Weird Haired Mom, and their uncle, The Boy, went to. That's amazing. (Even more amazing, I think they all had Teacher Anin - not her real name - for at least one year.)

I love this picture - the kids were given these boards and told to have fun. The girl created something that an accountant or lawyer would appreciate. Riley created something like a dinosaur with its jaws open, ready to eat someone.

This is such a great picture. And the calm before the storm.

Meanwhile, Darci is presented with a large piece of paper titled "What I Want To Learn In Second Grade." It is NOT true that the first thing she wrote was "How to get extra desserts." (It was at least third down the list.)

Riley has been doing real good at keeping out of the hospital, but Sunday night was a reasonably close brush with it. The kids were at a party when he started coughing and having some breathing issues. Since our house was between the party and home, they stopped here to get a breathing treatment.

You can see how much Riley is suffering, playing with a slingshot. In the living room.

In the meantime, Darci showed me her face paint.

After the treatment was over, we headed out to the garden. There were cucumbers, crookneck squash, and a couple of tomatoes that needed to be picked. (There were also a LOT of weeds that needed to be pulled, but we saved that for another day. Like maybe next year.)

Darci did manage to pull up a nice little carrot though.

When I mowed the lawn, Riley told me to leave two patches tall, I've got no idea why He then spent some time hacking at the grass with a deadly garden implement.

In the meantime, Darci planted some nasturtiums since you can NEVER have too many nasturtiums.

Darci was just promoted to "Yellow Stripe" in this Martial Arts class she's been taking, and she is really excited. She can't wait to break her first boards. Fortunately, that didn't mean I couldn't get an embarrassing picture of her.

Even more fortunately, she thought that was funny and didn't decide to Kung Fu my butt. (Note the stylish feather on her head - Mrs Notthat, when she wasn't busy kicking rattlesnakes off the trail at a recent, ummm, ironing event, found this wonderful feather that Darci loves.)

And I will close with a picture of Riley, showing off his latest medal for, well, a kid's ironing event.

And that's it - lots of grandkid pictures and the "R" word didn't appear once!

It was a near thing though...

That's it - move along...


WHM said...

love the post I was laughing for most of it :)

But just for the record anin was never my teacher, just every one else's! She was there at the same time as me, but I didn't actually have her for a teacher.

The interesting thing is the dad of one of the kids in grandkid version 2.0's class is an orion alumni too! I think he's a couple years older than me though, I don't know him from school.

mary ann said...

Wow, those are some terrific looking kids. Sort of nice not seeing an out house in the post too. Thanks!

DAK said...

Wow, Darci has really grown up since you were gone!