Friday, June 3, 2011

How long did it take you to get back to sleep?

Last night The Boy headed out to a work-based celebration of their trouncing of another lube joint, this one from Alaska, in a competition to determine the lube joint you'd most likely survive if you had to eat off of the floor.

Or something like that.

"When will you be home?" asked The Blog. "Well, last time I got home about 2 AM" replied The Boy. "Heavy sigh" replied The Blog.

So when the phone rang at 12:30 AM, it could only mean bad things. The caller was from Kaiser Hospital, confirmed that she was talking to Mrs Notthat, then asked her to hold for the doctor.

VERY bad things indeed.

Mrs Notthat headed to the living room while I tried to get my heart rate back under four digits. When I finally managed to find my glasses, I headed out too - she was sitting in a chair, still waiting for the doctor.

With The Boy also standing there, also wondering what was going on.

"You're not dead" I observed.

"You're not who we meant to call" said the doctor once he got on the phone.

"I'm never getting back to sleep" I muttered.

Talking to Mrs Notthat this morning, she said that the person who made the phone call said that this was not an emergency, but who makes non-emergency calls at 12:30 AM?

Oh, right - Kaiser Hospital.

That's it - move along...


Anonymous said...

Ah OMG Thats Crazy !!!! Glad everyone is ok though :D In Arizona ( be it in the daylight ) I was standing in my kitchen washing dishes...looking out my window ...a fire truck pulled up and they jumped out of it and jumped my fence and were runnning to my door !! I was like OMG MY HOUSE MUST BE ON FIRE !!! THEY HAD THE WRONG ADDRESS heart pounding I went back to doing my dishes :P

DAK said...

Haaaaa? Kaiser called you out of the blue for...nothing? Is Kaiser doing crank calls now like Bart Simpson? Yes I wouldn't go back to sleep so easily either.

WHM said...

wow no ironing involved!!

mary ann said...

so scary ~ good writing, by the way, tension builds nicely