Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pictures from the week that was

I cleaned off the camera and found a number of odd things.

This vicious looking beast is named Dove. She's the grandkid's dog. She likes fake bacon.

Not a vicious looking beast. I don't know the details, but Darci ended up with a pig to paint. Isn't that the most glorious fake smile you've ever seen? (I love how she managed to get paint above her left eye like that.)

These are kids that are told to smile for the camera a lot.

Once the pigs were painted, I played Operation with them. The game has been updated a bit from when I was a kid, and can now make lots of "entertaining" noises. I would have yanked out the batteries, but they are needed for the basic game to work.

These are from the next night. Riley got hold of the camera and started taking pictures. This is Darci using a drawing table that looks suspiciously like a treadmill.

The Boy trying to do his taxes while The Big Wind offered helpful advice.  Like "No, you can't claim Hey Jude the Jeep as a dependent."

A nice picture of Mrs Notthat. (Riley has a knack for putting his finger over most of the flash, so the pictures are often a bit unevenly lit.)

Weird Haired Mom holding the vicious looking beast, who appears to have spotted more fake bacon.

Riley asked me to smile. I suspect I will regret this for weeks to come whenever I ask him to smile.

This is an example of what most of his pictures looked like, just in case you were starting to think he had some real talent.

Mrs Notthat took this great picture.

Darci managed to pull up a large dandelion - root and all - and was very proud.

Riley also picked a weed, or something, I think. We have so many weeds in the garden for them to practice on. (Here it is March and I haven't even started thinking about the garden - weeds may be our main crop this year).

The Boy is styling in his new hat. (His cat slept on it and left hair all over it. The hat is now kept in a dust- and cat-proof secure enclosure. Or maybe just not left where the cat can get at it.)

And now I'm ready to face the coming week, and whatever pictures it might bring. Probably.

That's it - move along...


Mrs. Notthat said...

Great post. Thanks Allen!

mary ann said...

I love all the photos, but the glorious furry hood is the best!