Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Boy gets a new bike

The Boy has been wanting a better bike for quite a while now. Starting about a month ago, he began seriously getting involved in bidding on bikes on eBay (motto: "Taking the Fun Out of Auctions Since 1995"). The problem was that people kept sniping in at the last minute and beating his bid.

Finally, last week, he managed to hang on and get the last bid in and bought a bike. Which then led to the fun of having to fight with PayPal. (The Boy and/or Mrs Notthat might add some details in the comments - I was only privy to the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Thankfully.)

On Thursday, the bike came in, unassembled, and in a cardboard box that seemed a bit too small.

But everything was there and the bike, while supposedly used, looked very close to new. The Boy got started putting it together as soon as he got home. We also had the grandkids over while their mom and dad went to a school meeting at Darci's school.

Riley discovered the wonders of some of The Boy's old Batman toys. He asked me for some help putting this particular action figure (not a doll) back together. He might not ask me to help again.

When the parents showed up, the dad (Needs Cool Name), who is a bike freak of sorts, eagerly jumped into helping put the bike together.

Things went pretty fast then, in spite of the grandkids persistent offers to help.

And then it was done. The Boy took it for a quick spin in the driveway in the dark and pronounced it nifty (probably not his exact words).

Now if only he can find a few spare minutes to actually ride the thing.
That's it - move along...


DAK said...

A bike? I would think he'd prefer a Maserati or at least a vegetable-oil Mercedes station wagon. So you need a cool name, eh? Le'mme work on it.

How's about The Great Lug Nuts?

DAK said...

Actually, in your language, that would be Stun Gul Taerg (not his real name).

mary ann said...

I think Darci really put the bike together ~ now that she is in school and all.